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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...yup, screw crowd funding rubbish; time and time again this hasn't worked on the small Amiga platform [...]
I am not sure what gives you this impression but looking at available data, it turns out that things have worked quite well on average for serious Amiga related crowd funded projects:
The vast majority of the KickStarter Amiga projects which were not serious never reached their funding targets so no "funder" ever lost their money on them.

Most of the successful ones delivered their promise, so overall this is working quite well just looking at KickStarter data.

The biggest recent fail was the re-release of the Cinemare Defender of The Crown edition, but overall this is still an outlier.

Vidi delivered on Gorluth even though he was also crowd funded, just like Alar City it is crowd funded, except on an individual basis with zero guarantees. Platforms like KickStarter at least allow backers to cancel their pledges and offer more guarantees overall.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
[...] and you probably then won't get the desired sales.
If the funding pledges are the same as the pre-order prices this should not decrease the numbers a bit, on the contrary, KickStarter gives higher visibility on average just because it draws a large public in which knows about the Amiga but does not necessarily reads/follows Amiga related sites.

Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
True, however it's not unprecedented in the Amiga scene. Viddi managed to gather 200 presales thrice with his 3 TOG titles. He seems to be very much on top of this game
Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
With Gorluth Viddi applied the same model like AlarCity IIRC.
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yeah and that's awesome; but he didn't use crowd funding. That's my point...
He did, he relied on the crowd to pay for pre-orders, this is exactly the same as for KickStarter except that people had to rely on him being trustworthy and able to track all these pre-orders reliably.
KS essentially centralizes all this work for you but the result is the same: people pledge their support and this funds the project.
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