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Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
attached are log. i test wdm ks realtec portaudio and toccata. I can use in portaudio the offical ASIO driver from soundblaster z, but here it crackle always every sec or so. the asio have a option setting to set latency, but crackle happen always even if i set to 40 ms

another problem i notice when change sound output in winuae prefs. after change the output device i need go to amiga program and reselect ahi driver
UAE AHI design sucks, sorry. It simply can't work very well without total rewrite. (It also always uses DirectSound)

EDIT: Or did you mean AHI via some emulated sound card? (This is why very detailed information is needed, there are lots of options). Also if you use betas, you must always use latest version and if you notice something, always check if last official version has same issue.

EDIT2: Also try windowed mode and D3D11 fullscreen because D3D9 fullscreen may not be actual fullscreen anymore (Windows can do "adjustments" behind programs back. Ticking "Disable fullscreen optimizations" may or may not help)

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