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Thanks from those videos.

It is not so much that people dont know about those longplay videos, but rather they havent been knowing a handy place from where to see them all.

For example I had seen some of your longplay videos (like had seen some others as well) in youtube, but only recently realised to click on your name and "videos" tag to see them all. I have now checked some of your more recent videos, especially the most recent one (or at least was most recent when i last checked) where you were looking for that treasure by giving cordinates was quite amusing and tells about how thorough you are in playing all the Amiga games when you play even something like that.
And I have to say, I have not wanted to take the trouble of first getting that game and then play it, but I did enjoy watching it on your longplay. It was actually surprisingly good looking game for such a simple concept (but that still doesnt make it good game).

Since you made longplay of my Help My Cat! game, I would also like to give you suggestion for new kind of longplay video (which should be given different name than longplay i think).

For one thing I have noticed that helps a lot is when you see someone else play your game for first time. Especially when the game is adventure puzzle solving kind.

As example, I always thought that wooden board piece puzzle was simply idiotically easy, and also that there is absolutely no mistaking that it is a board. I never even thought anyone could think it as something else as a piece of board. But when i have watched two friends play that game, neither of them got it. They were both wondering what is that brown thing, and that really amazes me. But things like that are important to know for future developments.

Without having seen those two friends play it, if i would do similar wood board puzzle in other game, i would be repeating the same mistake by assuming it being the clearest graphics possible and simplest puzzle ever. Now i know different.

Hence. I think it would be greatly helpful if you would also make videos of new Amiga games being released, where you play them for first time and try to figure out how to play that game in the first place. Even better if you would even comment about your thoughts along the way.

That would really help finding out what is clear to people about that game, and what was hard to figure out. As example from Help My Cat!, sure, I did mention it in that title screen (which is text only) that use "jump" - button on trampolin, but yet it took a while for other tester friend to figure that out, which shows that just in title screen mentioning those controls, are not clear enough yet.

Also, when i tried with friends, the attitude wasnt same as yours. I know that when you play, you are much closer to average player than those friends in attitude difference.

To get back to that title screen instruction. Both friends attitude was bit in way of "A friends game, well, lets give it a try". It is done with high interest, but still bit half hearted. While i can imagine when you start the game, your attitude is "I want to play a game. Im going to try this new game", and i believe the latter one will be reading instructions better. So maybe that jump thing is nothing to worry about actually.

But all in all. I believe many recent freeware (and why not commercial ones too) would be very happy from videos like that and they would help a mile to figure out how to make future games better and what worked and what didnt, were controls easy to figure out, or was there something specific that would have needed to be instructed differently, etc.

Buy the way, when I clicked on that "videos" tab on youtube on your page/channel (whatever that is called) i was surprised how often you make those videos. I thought you make infrequently at average once a month, but you might actually make them several in a week!

Thanks from all your effort, and keep it up!

While there are many a game I wish to replay myself, some of the games I only wish to see, and these longplays are great for that. I perhaps just want to remind myself of some specific part of the game, and with your (and others) longplays, i can do just that.
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