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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Because there are ADFs that look like they are OFS formatted but actually are track loading, root directory is bogus with strange volume name.
Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Just download the full LHA archive of BetterWB. No need to deal with ADFs.

Workbench consists of 6 ADFs. With 4 drives you need exactly one disk swap during installation. (At first insert Install, Locale, Workbench and Extras. When it asks for Fonts remove Workbench and Extras and insert Fonts and Storage instead.)
Thanks, I didn't know about that LHA archive, though WB+BetterWB was just an example. It could be any software residing on disks that look for specific volume names. You could set 800% floppy speed in the emulator, but sometimes this causes read errors, even in cycle-exact mode with AmigaDOS disks.

If the root-block and the bitmap of the ADF could be verified to be good, and the volume name only consists of alpha-numeric characters, then that name should be fine to mount with I think. Would it be possible to at least remove the .ADF extension from the volume name? That way you could at least rename the ADF files to get the same result.
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