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Amiga 1200 problems, displaying only scanlines over a black image

My amiga doesn't seem to be displaying even the kickstart menu, it only displays scanlines over a black display.

Does anyone what might be wrong?

Essentially there's no floppy drive attached(does the amiga have to have a floppy drive attached? I am a noob when it comes to amigas so I have no idea) and I've swapped out the kickstart roms from 3.0-3.1. I have swapped them back over from 3.1 to 3.0 and still having the same issue. I also replaced the hdd with a compact flash card.

If any one could give me some advice then that would be great thank you,

In addition, I do have a second amiga which I have only just started to break open and see what's inside, now this one does go to the 3.0 kickstart menu but when I tried to replace that hard drive(811.3MB apparently, isn't that alot for an amiga 1200? lol) with the cf card I had prepared and it doesn't recognise any card attached or hard drive.

The main thing of note for the second amiga is that the ide harddrive connector on the motherboard had an adapter connected to it for a cd drive(which was connected to that adapter board along with the harddrive). I did try to remove the adapter board but I still got the same result.

If there any ideas on resolving this issue too than that too would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Liam Hallows
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