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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Once you switch your Amiga off via power supply, no virus can remain in memory.

Be careful using a Virus Checker. Not all non-standard bootblocks are harmful, many disks have a custom bootblock and without it, they won't boot.

Only allow your virus checker to remove and replace a bootblock it has physically identified to you what it is, like Byte Bandit for instance or SCA Virus.

If the Virus Checker doesn't tell you what it is, its less likely to be a virus.

If you format a disk thats it for a virus as the entire disk is overwritten. However if you QUICK Format, that is not always the case as a quick format modifies the root directory and sometimes the bootblock and nothing else.

And no, no virus can bypass the write protect tab, if the disk is write protected, its protected from virus infection.

Clear and informative. Thanks!
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