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Originally Posted by Bigtopofun View Post

I recently tested a lot of old floppies in my Amiga and I believe some of them were infected with virus. I have now stopped going thru them since I dont want to spread this around more than whats allready possibly been done, and I dont know much about viruses and how the work. Still have about 1000 to go so..

A1200, no expansions or HDD. No DF0, only using external drive DF1.

My (perhaps stupid) questions

1) Can my A1200 iniany way carry a virus by itself? Cold start, no disk in drive.. can it still be stored somewhere?

2) I found a working prog, Virus Checker 5, from an Amiga Shopper Disk. Its basically an running app in workbench that checks the drive each time I put a disk into it. Sometimes is says that the bootsequence is nonstandard, potential virus, and it lets me restore the code. I click yes and it does its thing and I just move on to the next disk. Is this the way to go? Or am I using the utility wrong? Many threads tell to "use this program to get it away" but not how you actually should do it in a safe way..

3) If I format a floppy, will it for sure wipe any viruses? Also, can a virus get on to a writedisabled disk?


1) Theoretically a virus may stay in memory for a short while after you've powered of the system so a quick on/off again might not clear it completely. If you know that you have worked with a floppy that was infected it's a good idea to wait 10sec after powering off the system before powering it on again.

2) I myself prefer VirusZ as far as antivirus software goes, never the less you should download the latest xvs.library to catch more viruses.
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