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i dont remember cahirs version very well, since i have installed it only once as far as i remember, but after you build it (almost) everything should be in place, except maybe for amigaos sdk (or whatever it is called) and particular libs and headers for certain libs you might have to acquire separately.

in case you use bebbos gcc-6.2 the script takes care of everything, including the basic system libs in headers inclusive mui. everything needed to know is contained in the readme and the thread. i advise to install it to user space rather than to /opt, to have straight forward access handling the headers and libs.

other than that i have not very much experience with both these toolchains since i use the aros crosscompiler and build system all the time. have just checked if the native amiga-m68k gcc-4.6.4 it produces works, and a helloworld did, straight away. i assume native 6.3.0 will also work, probably along with the complete toolchain. now, at some point it would be nice to copy over the amiga extensions..
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