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Well done on completing Ranx! I actually figured that out about the traffic lights, but forgot to reply. Have still not made a longplay though. Another problem with this game is that if you do a mistake in the beginning (like killing the wrong guy), then the game cannot be completed.

November was a month with many sokoban, arkanoid and worms games. Games that does not interest most people
  1. Workaholic **Not in HOL** - [ Show youtube player ]
  2. Act-Out - [ Show youtube player ]
  3. Soko - [ Show youtube player ]
  4. Push 'n' Shove - [ Show youtube player ]
  5. Derring-Do - [ Show youtube player ]
  6. Wriggly II **Not in HOL** - [ Show youtube player ]
  7. Pinball Magic - [ Show youtube player ]
  8. Nibbler Super eXtra - [ Show youtube player ]
  9. Mirror **Not in HOL** - [ Show youtube player ]
Not really sure if Pinball Magic is a longplay. I think the last table can be completed. It's just me that have not figured out how to complete it. Pinball Magic is also available on Amstrad, PC DOS and other platforms. But the final table differ in the Amiga version. Savestate to the final table HERE if you want to try.
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