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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
There are no Coldfire CPUs that are transparently compatible with Amiga OS. It is impossible.
How did they do it on the Dragon Coldfire then?
Why do you make a card with ColdFire processors only now? Motorola has been producing ColdFire processors for a long time...
A: Recently, Motorola has developed and produced several series of the ColdFire processors but none of them were compatible enough with 68k processors to be able to run AmigaOS3.x. This changed with appearance of the MCF54xx processors family. These are the first ColdFire processors based on the V4e core. MCF5475, included in DRAGON, is the most powerful processor in this family. The first production of these processors is beginning just now (January 2005). We expect DRAGON to be the first commercially produced computer board based on this newest Freescale processor from the ColdFire/68k family.
Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I checked QEMU sources yet again: it is Coldfire emulation with some 680x0 features added but not all 680x0 features are implemented (USP, FSAVE, FRESTORE, most MOVEC to/from special registers etc..)

-> Unusable for Amiga emulation.
Thought so. Well - maybe this is worth revisiting sometime in the future if someone extends the m68k support.
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