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QEMU TCG as JIT replacement?

Since Bernie seems to have left the Amiga development scene and nobody else wants to touch the current JIT implementation (which is getting in the way of cool new things like 64bit and MMU support) maybe it's time to look for a replacement.

Since IBM (my employer) bought out Transitive (responsible for the Rosetta PPC emulation in MacOS X) I thought I might ask one of these blokes if he's willing to look into writing a replacement. Turns out that this wouldn't be the best idea since the risk of IBM IP trickling into UAE would be too high.

But one of our former KVM developers pointed me to the Tiny Code Generator that's part of QEMU. In his opinion that's the most capable Open Source dynamic recompiler available today. It already seems to support m68k as a target platform, too.

So maybe this is something worth looking into.
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