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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
By non-RDB hardfile, you mean a file which is an image of a single partition? Those do exist in the real world. Users of removable media (MO disk, DVD-RAM maybe, possibly others like Zip, Jaz, SyQuest) may use mount files to access those disks on real hardware. [That works fine with my GVP controller, and changing disks works fine too, which may not be the case if you install RDBs on your disks.]

I want to use image files like that (of a single partition covering the entire disk), like on real hardware. So not having WinUAE add any fake RDB, and I use a mount file to access the drive.
Yes, you have image file of amigados partition but when people are talking about UAE and RDB mode vs partition hardfile mode the important part is mounting method. Contents of image file are irrelevant. Mounting as a partition hardfile means using external metadata (geometry, filesystem etc. in config file) to simulate RDB automounting or adding virtual RDB. It is basically autobooting real world mountlist mounting method.
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