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Icons, icons, icons

Hi, I have newincons installed on my Amiga running OS3.9.

I have changed all the drawers and system stuff to newicons.

Now I have some problems:

1) Some files such as lha gif avi etc have the 'tool' icon and dont have a program assigned to them. How do I set a defualt icon for file type and a default program for a file type?

2) When I want to replace a default drawer icon with a newicons icon I have downloaded from Aminet, it just replaces them with a small dot sometimes. Why is this even though I can see what they look like on my HD before i copy them over?

3) How do I change the icons for my hard drives and floppy disks on the workbench? Where are the info files for these located?

4) I am using the copynewicon tool to replace single icons is this the best way to do it? Also what should I use killoldicon for?

Thanks all

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