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Originally Posted by imigger View Post
seems alot of money for an emulator?
It's not an emulator, AmigaOS 4 will run natively on the actual device, so it'll be a genuine portable nextgen Amiga.

It's speculated that the device is the 400MHz LimeBook seen on with 256Mb RAM and 4Gb flash storage, optionally 512Mb and 16Gb.

The entry-level one with 256/4 cost $199 back in 2009, so bordering on 2012 a more current price would probably be $149. This means you could be asked to pay as much as $350 for AmigaOS 4 alone, more than twice as much as the computer itself. At least to me, it is bat-shit crazy to ask that much for the operating system that AmigaOS 4 is today.
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