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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
I don't understand why thats a big issue, but can you consider that if the score system doesn't accommodate more players with bonus points or a dynamic system, that perhaps increasing the spread of points in a fixed system could be beneficial?
The suggested fixed 16-system has the points already pretty much spread out for 20 points max. If we chose a higher maximum to have a wider spread then the gap between titans and mortal players would become so huge that it would discourage a lot of people.
Then I'd rather have Harry's modification after all. 1st place would sometimes get more than 20 points but not too often and not that much more so it's okay.
I've worded this a bit too strongly, it's not a big issue. I prefer to always have 20pts for 1st place but I can live with another system.

But it doesn't matter much what I want, every opinion counts. Please make your own suggestions for a system or a modification to one of the suggested systems! The voting is still 9 days away.
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