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Icaros Desktop 2.2.1 Download

First update to Icaros Desktop 2.2 is now available on Icaros website! This is a bugfix release which does not add new features or programs to the distribution, but it refreshes AROS system files and corrects many bugs.

These include::

- removed duplicated FinalWriter demo from Utilities
- removed duplicated MESA demos from Extras/Demos
- removed other duplicated files here and there
- replaced make with AROS one, now it should find makefiles as expected
- Aminet's version of make moved to Storage
- replaced ata.device with better working one
- replaced most AROS system files with newer components
- added alternative ATA device to advanced boot options
- removed faulty rtl8168 network device
- updated AROS 68K ROMs for playing games and demos
- started updating italian catalogs, starting with Wanderer menus
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