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Can you give us an example of what you are trying to do ?

Here is an example of what you can do, its not the amiga basic syntax but you can get the Idea.

If (x=50 and y=70 and mousebutton=1) or (x=70 and y=80 and mousebutton=1) or (x=110 and y=200 and mousebutton=1)
In case they need to do all the same thing,then you can split it into following:

If mousebutton=1
  If x=50 and y=70 then check=1     
  if x=70 and y=89 then check=1
  if x=110 and y=200 then check=1
  (here you can use as many if's as you need) 

If check=1 
of course there are many ways to write this, so an example is needed with an explanation of what should be checked.
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