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Thanks again ma693541 for sharing here you've got it working without problems

I think I must put here the readme of the Mattahan's Icon Set too:

"AmiKit Real Mattahan's Icons Set. Retrofan December 2013.

This is a Plug-in for the AmiKit Real version from update 05 on. The installer script will let you install a new set of icons using Mattahan's ones (the Png's) and modded to have a yellow border when the icons are selected. The Dual PNG change was made using the ImageConverter program by Thilo Köhler.

You must know that it doesn't exist a kit of Mattahan icons for the Amiga, so I've used the png images I think best suit the Amiga icons, and in some cases I've combined them with other icons to fit the Amiga programs. I haven't changed all of the icons -MorpheuZ, WookieChat and others- as they are very particular.

You will notice the size of the icons needs a wide screen, so at least an Screen mode 800x600 like SuperPlus is recommended, and also they will look much better using enough colors. 256 of course is the best for them, so I would recommend to try this Plug-in first on WinUAE.

The installer will let you install them or also recover again the original ones. Note that every change takes around 20 minutes (WinUAE) or more.

During the install you can select what TinyMeter Setup you preffer, between "With CPU", "Without CPU", and "Magellan Bar", and with this last you will have to indicate what screen mode you are using: PalHighResLaced/Other, SuperPlus or HighGFX.

You can select also between the Full bar or just the Start Menu. Selecting the Full bar, if you use a different screen mode or you have another Overscan, then you will have to manually adjust the position of the bar to your screen. For that you must open AmiKit:Prefs/TinyMeter, click on "Window" and then select as "Window Size" your Screen Width (open AmiKit:Prefs/Screenmode and look which is it), and as "Window Position" 0 and the height you are using (on Screenmode prefs too). Also you should in that case change and save (Save Layout) the position of the Start Menu.

If you are using AmiDock (on WBStartup) you can select the icons you don't want on screen with a right click and select "Put Away" on the options.

Now I'm also introducing two more Start Menus. To try any you better close the existing (right click on it's left and close), and then right click on screen, "Buttons", "Load Start Menu", and you'll find two new: MagellanBar_Top_Mattahan and MagellanBar_Top_Mattahan256C. Double click on the first for 16 colors screens and if you want it to stay later make a right click on screen, Settings, Save Layout. The second Start Menu uses 256 colors, so you can try it if you use that amount of colors.

Perhaps you don't see the menu It's up, on the title bar, just click on it and the menu will appear.

Many thanks to Mattahan for giving his permission to use his png icons, and also to JKSKetchy and to BlackCatLove1 for giving the permission to use his wonderful Black Cat as icon for the AmiKit volume.


Well, as you know the result will be like this if you use also the Unofficial RTG add-on:

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