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That's rare. Please download it on the Pc, extract it with WinRAR and now try it again. You'll see it works perfectly.

I've always made it this way, but now to try I've downloaded it with IBrowse and although the files seem the same, the installer won't use the UnLZX it has included, but will try to use the unpacker AmiKit has, that's why it doesn't understand -o.

Edit: It won't use UnLZX because somehow downloading it the "Executable" option of it's Information is unticked (you can view the files by name, right click over UnLZX and click on "Information", then tick Executable as enabled if it isn't). This doesn't happen using WinRAR.

Edit: The problem isn't IBrowse, but the following: I've tried opening "Downloads" seeing it by lister, and then I've moved the zip file to another drawer seeing it also by lister, then Magellan unpacks it, but with the wrong "Executable" option.

If you use UnArc on the miggy it will work perfectly too, as it preserves the attributes.

So you can use WinRAR on the Pc or UnArc on the Amiga to unpack the zip file with the Update.

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