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Many thanks for posting Matt. Basically SPS are preserving all original titles in an IPF format (which is soon to be added to Arculator), and it stores all the Magnetic flux data from the disc, so it contains a perfect copy.

Very soon there will be a device called Cyclone20 that will plug into a PC via USB and be capable of making raw images of the discs which can then be sent to SPS for IPF creation. Once the Cyclone20 is ready to go, I am more than happy to send mine to you, for you to image you originals for preservation (this goes for anyone with Archimedes originals).

At the moment you can image your discs with an Amiga 1200, but unless you already have one, they are an expensive option.

Thanks once again for coming over here.

Will contact you in the next couple of days regarding some other Archie related bits and pieces.
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