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acornpreservation is aimed at the 8bit machines (BBC/Electron), so not really applicable here.

Basically he seems to specialise in data cassette images.

With regards to copyrighted stuff on his site, god knows!! I know BBC software seems to circulate freely round the net without anyone complaining, but thats not to say there isnt stuff amongst his file packs.

As Mr. Vince is trying to say here. What we are looking to do with this thread is compile a list of originals that people own, so it can be imaged to IPF. With regards to the HD installs we are looking for known ways of installing, so if you have something that is installed to HD let us know, but naturally we are not distributing these installs, just the method used so that others with the originals can do the same.

Please though, anyone with an Archimedes interest, keep popping back to this thread as we will let you know as things progress. And if you know of anyone with original, get them to come here and list what they have!!

So, to sum up this is where we are at.

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