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Basically SPS have created a method that stored the magnetic data from the discs in a file (IPF). That way you have a copy of the disc that will never degrade and contains absolutely everything off of the discs. They are working at having it included in Arculator and also there are a couple of hardware projects that allow you to use the IPF's with the actual hardware. One of these is HxC Floppy Emulator and the other is Cyclone20 which is being developed by people on this forum as we speak.

I think probably a good start would be to list what you have, and if possible what installs on HD. Naturally cracks are important to as for instance, I brought E-Type, it got dodgy, but was copy protected, so it would have been nice to have been able to crack it to install it to my HD.......which in fact I managed to do in the end.

There are a few more Arc users on here, and like I have been saying, any one you think may be able to help, rope them in. Naturally preserving the original media in the form of IPF's is extremely important, but being able to easily use the software too, perhaps by modifying it to work from hard drive is also important!!

Thanks for coming over here and looking. I know nothing about the Amiga either. Never even owned one, although friends did, but they seem alright(ish) on this board!!
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