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FS-UAE: 68060-NOMMU flags not set


I gave my FS-UAE A4000 setup a brain-transplant from 68040-NOMMU to 68060 via the 68060.Library (following the instructions for the 68040new/68040old/68040.dummy/68060 schema which works wonderfully well.

However - I set up FS-UAE as using a 68060-NOMMU and set the flags under custom options accordingly:

uae_cpu_model = 68060-NOMMU
uae_fpu_model = 68060-NOMMU

Both Sysinfo and ShowConfig show the 68060 running with MMU in use. I was under the impression from past reading that under FS-UAE, Memory Management wasn't desireable. In any case I can't seem to set it as such. Is this an actual "bug" or normal behavior?

EDIT: This may be a "false-flag." If I set the CPU to "68060" without the NOMMU flags, the whole thing runs really slow.


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