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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
During a rather drunken conversion with Daedalus at Amiga Ireland he did say it would be possible to swap out the ICs for an analogue alternative to allow the signal on pin 6 to pass through. I'm afraid I remember little of this conversion though as I was putting most my effort into stay upright!
Happy times I forgot about that too, but check out the CD4066 chip. It's a CMOS chip but will switch any signal including TTL digital in both directions. It's basically a 4-way on-off switch, so you'd need two of them to switch 4 wires (one for controller A, one for controller B), and 4 of them to switch the 7 wires needed for 100% separation of controllers. They're static sensitive though so some additional ESD protection should be included between them and the controller connector, e.g. diode clamps or resistors & capacitors.
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