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In my arcade controller I achieved this with the use of one of these:

but I had to modify it as in its present form it does not allow for 2 way communication on pin 6 (i think from memory). I cut the traces from pin 6 going through the IC and hard wired it then fitted a single pole double throw switch to switch 5v to the IC to change between mouse and joypad.

This works perfectly for me for switching between joypad and mouse all be it at all times all buttons continue to work on both peripherals. Interesting actually as it means a CD32 pad with say an analogue stick input for a mouse should be very easy to make and I do intend to look into this at some point. The likes of guardian would benefit massively from this sort of control.

During a rather drunken conversion with Daedalus at Amiga Ireland he did say it would be possible to swap out the ICs for an analogue alternative to allow the signal on pin 6 to pass through. I'm afraid I remember little of this conversion though as I was putting most my effort into stay upright!
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