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Originally Posted by psoma View Post
Fascinating! I do know of a number of folk looking for a RAM32 board for their VXLs - I mean, it’s not 10s of people, but I know of at least 3... 4 presuming you’re looking for a replacement too

I can solder and build, I just can’t design and engineer, so the challenge is out there - who can take a board like the RAM32, decipher it and come up with a functional equivalent?
Well the actual RAM-32 is a bit fancy, it has an onboard kickstart ROM and a very early FPGA with ROM to handle the logic and presumably the autoconfig stuff. Making an exact duplicate would involve sourcing that ancient FPGA and that would be hard.

Probably would be easier to roll your own 32-bit RAM card that just talked to the VXL's bus but did autoconfig its own way. You could extract the ROMs for the FPGA though if you wanted to reverse engineer exactly what it's doing.
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