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Originally Posted by psoma View Post
Doh! Oh well, better than nothing.

I actually got the A500 to play a few games that run too fast on my A600 so maybe this is a blessing in disguise

Thanks again guys.
BTW when you plug in that A590 make sure that the baseboard mem is getting added at less priority than the A590's mem, otherwise the system will allocate the baseboard's slow memory first! Your goal will be for software to load its main code into the A590 and then further allocations of data go into the baseboard.

Incidentally the fragmented memory of your baseboard may cause problems for some WHDload slaves that try to allocate memory in one big chunk. e.g. if it tries to cache a floppy by allocating in 880k chunks, those 511k chunks won't be big enough. If it loads data on a file-by-file basis then you it should be okay.
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