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VXL*30 68030 25Mhz accelerator performance


I picked up an A500 with a 25Mhz VXL*30 68030 accelerator board. Now, the thing doesn't have the optional RAM32 board attached, and I've been told that without it there's virtually "no acceleration" but I couldn't, nay, wouldn't believe that... Sure, for WB usage and loading to/from RAM, I can see how going over the standard bus would prohibit the accelerator spreading its wings, but surely the 68030 @ 25Mhz would run, say, Frontier better than an 8Mhz 68000?!?

So, no. It appears it doesn't.

Flicking between the 68000 and 68030 the intro performance was more or less imperceptible. Can anyone explain why this is the case?!? Again - I accept that general purpose app usage would be slow, but why is the ability to render a pre-loaded 3D scene not improved (apparently) one iota by a CPU that should be 3 times as fast?!?

I compare this to my A600 with a 33Mhz 68030 Furia and the intro flies. I don't get it!?!?


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