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Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
Instead of me rescanning the whole thing, I'm just going to scan the things that differ, and borrow your scans for the rest to that pdf (if ok of course - no need in doing double work).
Great! Please borrow all the pages you need from my PDF!

Originally Posted by jonathan
I think the books you scanned are good enough for preservation, maybe it's better to focus on something that is not scanned yet. There some amiga books from BSB that is not scanned yet for example.. wink wink.
yeah yeah I know there's a lot to do out there ;-) these tomes I've scanned were kindly donated to me but I don't have anything else in my queue.
I could help more with book scanning (as my spare time allows) but I don't have time to search for books not yet scanned. If anyone wants to send them to me, I'll pay for the shipping and I'll do the job.

By the way, binded books are a bit more complicated to scan because basically you have to tear the book apart and scan every single page. I wouldn't do it with my own collection of Amiga programming books :-o so you also have to find a victim to sacrifice for the greater good.
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