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Amiga 2000

New installation

Removed Fusion Forty and formatted harddrive.

Booted with Workbench 3.1 Floppy.(DF0
Inserted ICD Advantage Disk in Df1:

assign devs: df1:devs
assign C: df1:

typed ICDmount

Harddrive partitions appear on desktop.

Assign C: df0:c
Assign Devs: Df0:devs

removed disk from DF1:
install Workbench 3.1 install disk and run install

installation completed with no errors re-boot machine and machine just re-boots with power light flashing and re-boots again.

Booted with workbench 3.1 disk and mounted again with ICD disk replaced startup-sequence and mountlist with workbench 1.3 startup-sequence and machine reboots with errors but now boots from harddrive.

How do I assign tools like multiview or iconx or if anyone has a working 3.1 startup-sequence for ICDSCSI please post it here so I can try it.

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