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Fusion Forty

Have to admitt I first thought the Fusion forty and the ICDSCSI where possibly having problems.But found a review online where someone had a conflict with a scsi card and replaced it with the ICDSCSI.

Have got machine runnng more stable but have to boot from floppy.

1)boot machine with Workbench 2.05 floppy disk and mouse pressed to stop ICDSCSI auto-booting
2) once booted to workbench then need to assign C: df1:c and also assign devs: df1:devs (DF1 contains ICD floppy)
3) then type ICDmount
4)all drives mount
5)then assign c: dh0:c assign devs: dh0:devs etc
works ok then

Need look around startup area to find out what is causing problem.

But am getting there.

Next step after machine is booting from Harddrive.

is to get a SCSI CDrom drive up and running.

Thanks for any advice
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