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Booting from either Workbench 2.05 or Workbench 3.0 from floppy and the machine would just flash power light and reboot.With SCSI enabled for Harddrive.

If disable SCSI by holding left mouse button on Boot Workbench 2.05 boots from floppy ok.Is also more stable than OS 3.0 as an avail command does not produce a guru error and then results.You get the memory avail with no guru messag.So possibly need to look at the startup sequence to see what is different between the Workbench 1.3 startup and the Workbench 2.05 to see what is causing the SCSI problem.

Have manged to get Workbench 3.(Running but not 100% stable)

Copy DF0: DH0: all (Workbench 3 disk1)

Then replaced the s folder with the one off the Workbench 1.3 disks so machine would boot.No errors on booting now and also able to open a shell window with the fast ram enabled.This is not 100% stable but will do for now.So I can use it to look at the Workbench 2.05 startup files.

Have seen Workbench 2.1 for £15 but have also seen a Rom upgrade to version 3 going for £18 but dont want to pay out on either upgrade Rom or workbench to find will not support SCSI Card still. So think I will try to get Workbench 2.05 installed and working.

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