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the Apollo FPU wiki lists some videos with Imagine, Makepath, Lightwave, Quake,
all using the fpu of Gold 2.7. it does also explain the precision used in current GOLD 2.7

especially the Benchmark scene using Lightwave doesnt look miscalculated,
but I have no clue what precision LW is using. "FPU happy testings" video link.

Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post
6.499999999069? Hmmm wonder if the tean are aware of that?
Of course, it might (or even, it surely) have some remaining bugs.

This is normal for a first release, and we would be interested in
all kind of feedback about it, once released into the wild.
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#2) sys:tools/calculator open 2 math libs:
Count Process Name             Action   Target Name               Option Res.
----- ------------             ------   -----------               ------ ----
1     [3] sys:Tools/Calculator OpenLib  mathieeedoubbas.library   Ver 0  OK  
2     [3] sys:Tools/Calculator OpenLib  mathieeedoubtrans.library Ver 0  OK
do these access the fpu at all? is there fpu code/commands in the calculator binary?
calculator does work on a non-fpu machine, so the problem is not the fpu in that case!?

#3) VControl command can disable the FPU:
3.Ram Disk:SAGADriver.v1.0/C> VControl 
$VER: VControl 1.1 (25.2.2018) APOLLO-Team
FP=FPU/N          Change the FPU mode. 0=Off, 1=On
can anyone try and report what you get using calculator with fpu disabled?

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