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IMHO us remaining classic (68k) Amiga users fit roughly into these camps:

Big Box Amiga users: 040/060 CPU - Obviously wants a nice WB experience, wants native games/demos + WHDLOAD with as much memory and MIPS as possible.
A1200 - power user: 040/060 CPU - Wants pretty much the same as a 'big box' Amiga user.
A1200 - non-power crazed: 020/030 CPU - Just after some extra memory to run WHDLOAD nicely
A600 - power user: Same as above (but can only run OCS/ECS games of course)
A500 - power user: Same as above
A600/A500 - non-power crazed - 68000 and some extra RAM is just fine for this guy

So out of these groups, I would guess that the 'A500 - power user' group would be the smallest.

I'm not interesting in owning a 500 because I never had one back in the day but if I did, I'd stick with the 68000 and just go for an IndivisionECS with some extra RAM and one of these puppies

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