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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I want to address the people who are *returning* to the Amiga - those who have been away for over a decade. What they need is a harddisk-replacement (CF card!), and enough memory to compensate for the circa 350k that you need to run Workbench (note that all popular games were written for A500 with 512k Chip and 512k trapdoor memory). In essence, you'll have 1MB Fastmem sitting there idle most of the time.
While I mostly agree, what you have is a system with a hard drive (CF!) and enough memory to run most games from floppy...

I would think a lot of the people who get this would love to run those games from the CF using whdload.
I'm not sure how it will hold up memory wise there...
I ran whdload on my plain unexpanded 1200 (only 2M, all CHIP) for a bit and there were games that would run. I can't remember how much couldn't tho.. (I remember disabling floppy image caching in WHDLoad to get some to work..)

Of course, that might be a good reason to add an ACA and get more memory. ;-)

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