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Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
That's the problem and that's the reason I'd like to have a jumper to disable all ACA500 goodies with the exception of the A1200 cpu slot: I already have A1240+scsi kit, I don't need ACA500's CF/RAM/68000/ROM, I just need a working A1200 cpu slot.
Once again, you're assuming too much and not reading enough.

Please go pack a few pages in this thread; you'll find posts about my attempt to make Blizzard 1230-IV work. The showstopper is the accelerator's ROM, which is hard (and maybe even impossible) to disable (I have one more idea left that I'll try together with a very skilled programmer).

The 1200-port is not a "general accelerator port", but a direct interface to my ACA12xx cards - and not even all of them (the PLL on the ACA1230 goes wild, and I have no way of syncing that properly unless I go for way more expensive parts). So the general requirement is "async accelerator design", and another requirement is "we must be able to run our software first, then hand over to the accelerator's ROM". This is where the P5 cards (and maybe others) may get in our way.

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