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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Could be that it needs more stack space. If you show the program's icon information in Workbench, what does it say under stack space? What happens if you start the Amiga Shell under WB 1.3 and run the game from there, and what happens if you run "stack 8192" before?
Thanks I added 'stack 8192' to the startup sequence and that fixed it, no more crashing on quitting.

According to Workbench 1.3 with Kickstart 2.0 the stack of the new version of the game is 6000 and something, strange the old version that worked had a stack of 5000 and something.

@ Boo Boo
I saw that thread but since the disk was supposed to be bootable without any other software it couldn't check for a graphics library version, I don't know what to replace the 'graphics.library' with to find Kickstart, 'kickstart', 'kickstart.rom', 'kick', 'kick.rom','kickstart.device', 'kick.device' didn't work. It program already worked fine running from the icon in workbench using kickstart 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. But I don't need to worry about it now as it is working with 'stack 8192' added to the startup-sequence.

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