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Originally Posted by narmi View Post
Has anybody else tried this mod? I have a spare JU-257A606P, so I tried it, but the drive will not read any disks. My A500 seems to recognize the drive, it does click, and does try to read a disk when I put one in, but it wont boot. The original drive does boot from the same disks I'm testing with.

Unfortunately I didn't test the drive in my PC first, so I don't know if it was working or not (though I'm pretty sure it was a working pull). Any ideas?
Are the floppy disks you trying DD (720K) or HD (1.4M) ones?

I had a similar problem with a modded Panasonic JU-257 and my 880K-formatted HD diskettes. I solved it by gluing a piece of plastic above the DD/HD sensing microswitch.
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