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Hi again,

In the mean time I've got FS-UAE running with a HD file containing DPaint IV. I forgot that Dpaint IV already supported the AGA graphics modes.

It's pure magic having a working DPaint on my screen again. It must have been almost 20 years ago or so since I last worked with DPaint.

There's only one issue I can't seem to resolve. I'm working with a Wacom Cintiq tablet, and FS-UAE uses only a small portion of the Cintiq screen to drive the Amiga mouse pointer. This results in the pointer accelerating past the position of my Wacom pen. If anyone happens to know how I can resolve this, I'd greatly appreciate that. I've switched the Amiga Mouse in the FS-UAE Launcher to a Cintiq entry in the drop-down menu, but then the pointer doesn't move at all.

Many thanks in advance.
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