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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Do you just want to edit some modules? You could try MilkyTracker or Fasttracker II with DosBox, which might be a better idea *waits for the first stone thrown at me*
Duck! And heres another one!

I just want to mess around with the old lovely protracker and could never get used to all those pc trackers and other software. Im too lazy too learn it.

Well, guess what. Protracker V3.61 does work! Ill stick with that one for now I guess although it doesnt look quite as good as the one I want to use.

Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Have you tried using the original WinUAE A1200 setup, and ran it that way just to rule out the Amigaforever package.
I think you mean the raw deal WinUAE. I bought the amigaforever to make it that easy on myself cause again, I want to cut to the chase and not spend a month finding out how it works you know. I would lose it Im sure. I take it youre not using Amiga Forever? Cause I can choose from certain configs like a1200+8mb, a500+2mb, af_3x(rom), cd32 roms. Would that make a difference?

Oh, and one other things that bugs me. Everytime I run a game or load Protracker I have to set my preferences again in Amiga Forever. They are never saved. How can I tackle this?
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