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I agree, I wouldn't go to extreme lengths for a 1084. In fact, the reality is that just like LCD, CRT had its own disadvantages, and (as now) the market was flooded with poor quality displays. I have one (seemingly rare) 1084 with a Japanese (Orion) tube, and it's decent. The rest are Korean, and are rather average.

It's tough to find a suitable LCD. I have a few older Eizo "gaming" panels which are pretty nice via an Indivision and HDMI, low lag and reasonably responsive. (An analog signal to any LCD will of course be sub-optimal.) The best (static) image quality I've observed was an A1200 connected to a 55" LG OLED--loaded up the "Wild" slideshow, and it was mind blowing... absolutely stunning. (Sadly, I haven't been able to program the Indivision for perfect scrolling, so no "holy grail" just yet.)

Anyway, I feel the topic is far too nuanced for a militant "CRT vs LCD" frame of reference...

Regarding 31kHz+ "PC" CRTs for use with a scandoubler: Don't overlook something with a Mitsubishi Diamondtron tube--these are fantastic, at least as good as a Trinitron. Many Iiyama Monitors had them, which I believe were more popular in Europe. (I have one I bought NOS many years ago for peanuts when CRTs were almost worthless... now I wish I had bought several!)
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