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Icons are just (struct Image *) images, same as a picture.

This is only true for OS 3.1 and below built-in icons. And similar to your internal images, they look differently on each user's palette.

Beginning with NewIcons the .info file is extended with an (undocumented) part which contains image data as well as palette data. Newicon.library transparently remaps the image into the screen's palette and pokes the remapped image into the struct Image pointed to by the struct DiskObject. But this remapped struct Image is a different one than that stored in the .info file. And the pens only stay valid until you FreeDiskObject() the icon.

In OS 3.5 icon.library was extended so that you can access the new image/palette part with OS functions. In OS 4.0 the new part was extended to understand 32bit images, too. These are not supported by OS 3.9 and below.

Icon.library uses datatypes.library for 8bit and 32bit, yes?
No. It contains its own code to load and remap images from .info files.
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