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A classic RTG video card will take the original output of the Amiga RGB port for autoswitching quite happily. If you really have a need for a scandoubler, you have basically all of the normal options since the BigRAMPlus doesn't block the video slot, but I guess some of the Video Slot flicker fixers might interfere.

CV-3D and Picasso-IV the scandoubler part is removable so you could install that part in the video slot and the main board goes in one of the other Zorro slots. These cards are ridiculously expensive nowadays.

There is also that new Zorro RTG card the VA2000 but I don't know what you do about autoswitching outputs.

If you're handy with a soldering iron you could get really any RTG card and get Ratte's monitor switcher, but you'd have to be a little creative on how to mount it.

Another option if you really want to pimp your A4000, is getting a Mediator with a Voodoo card, but then you have to do something about a monitor switcher. If you consider the Mediator route, it's pretty expensive but compared to buying only a Zorro Video card it's not that much more usually and you can get a PCI sound card and USB card cheaply ($10-$30) and still use the Zorro cards you already have.

For running workbench stuff any RTG card is going to be so much faster/nicer than the AGA output, but RTG cards don't do anything for floppy based Amiga games. You can mostly only use it on RTG programs/games, which there are a lot of now.
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