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Amiga 4000 video slot, what video card to buy? ...

Hello all,

Thank you all for having me here again. So I've been working on my A4000/40 a few months now. It's quite a fun project and I've got a lot. One thing I did was purchase a big ram card. It seems to work only, however in the bottom video slot without producing any errors when running software. Found an Amazing IBM model M keyboard, original. It has a CF on the back expansion port, DVD rom, X-surf 100 and a Buddha IDE. Also a recently recapped 1084 monitor that was originally for an A500.

Honestly, I love it, was thinking about a scandoubler card or an RTG video card. My concern is this, since the big ram only works on the bottom slot properly can I install an RTG on the top slot? Is it really even worth it or should I just go for a scandoubler for the 4000 AGA compatible. What I would like is a video cable that could go to my monitor. Though, however I do have a Dell monitor with the firmware to support the Amiga, VGA. I'm learning a lot. Though I am not as good as some of you a noob. My question is would an RTG work with a cable that goes to an RGB or just VGA only. Is a scandoubler a better option. I have some programming books and love to learn. Then after, maybe a game to calm down at night following a hard days work. I suppose it depends on what I am doing? Having fun. My x-surf card is not configured, purchased easy net pro from Amigakit. That will be in another thread once I figure this out. I'm nearing completion and see no need for an 060 ... Thank you for reading ...
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