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Some more of my stories ..

After A600 n few CD32 was time for bigger sisters - choice was second hand A1200. Deal was good - it was about 150£ (ab 1998-2000 in Poland where I am from) for A1200 in standard case, apollo 1240/25mhz/16mb fast + 850mb hdd. Quickly 040 became 33mhz (40 didn`t work ), we add CD-romX16 and extra 16mb ram, 2gb hdd. That was so cool machine! We spend so many hrs playing on it - games, demos (great trips with some joint or mushrooms n best demos ) - that was it!
Then I`ve lost it in Holland in Utrecht...shame.

My config never came back to such a good form. I manage to swap my brother`s PC Celeron 800 (he was in States in that time, wasn`t impressed ) to another 040, 40mhz this time. But not long after some bastard stoled my hdd with all data n system...then I gave up for a bit.
I had to sell 040 (for ok prize - 160£)...

Recently (last year) i got from one scotch man a box full of suprizes - Blizz 603e200/040/33+64 ram+BVision+A1200tower+2,5"hdd, etc. for 200£!!
But, unfortunately i was really skint - so had to sell most of parts
But profit was...scary! I`ve sold it for ab 600£!!!! And I am still got my amy in tower. It`s time now to build it and look after it...

If Amiga Inc. would sort itself out, and they would came out with some new system (i mean working OS and hardware) - I am willing to get it, if not - it`s fun to build older systems anyway hehe
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