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I've forgotten more than I think I can remember from the likes at the Digital Symposium in Rotherham I think it was (Ray Norrish was there, he'll probably remember!), then there was the last of the Digital Copy Parties where I had the misfortune of travelling up with Iggy/Hellfire! He wasn't that bad actually, a little less manic in person than on the BBS's.

In my time, I've known lots of people and lost contact with all of them, times move on, people move on. The ones I miss most are:

Red Devil/DCS, Semtex-Hogster-JBM-N.O.M.A.D.-Splatt!-Andeveron-Kitaro-Hawkeye/Fairlight, Phil Douglas/Delirium, Rebel/Quartex, Deadbeat/Scoopex, Pazza-Torch/LSD, Charon/Rednex, Subzero/Skid Row, Mok-Samir-Troops/Prestige.... plus many many more

I heard my 'best friend' The Black Cat died some years ago......
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