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Lightbulb About Boggle and Lingo

First, Being a Cloggie I have watched Boggle many, many years ago on Dutch television. Pity I don't remember much of it...
The quiz is something like this: two couples play a Scrabble-variant. A square consisting of 6 X 6 letters appear on screen. The object is to achieve a word from the letter mix starting with a random selected letter from the square. The team who score the most words and words consisting of the most letters is the winner.
I mainly remember the presenter of the quiz, I think Frank Kramer is his name, who had the charm of a wooden block. Oh well...

Second, I honestly don't think either Dutch version of Lingo and Boggle appeared on Amiga. The Amiga was totally neglected in the early nineties in The Netherlands. Already in 1991 people were baffling about how great their EGA 386-PC was. Dutch Softwarepublishers (Davilex, Easydisc) always only focussed on PC.

Back in 1995 at the largest annual computer dump fair in Utrecht (the 'HCC-dagen' for insiders) I saw many PC CD-roms of Lingo and Boggle for sale. Looking at the cd-box it stated it was produced in 1994. So PC-versions definitely have appeared.
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