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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Anarchy Party Demo by Symbiosis

It looks similar to Funky Big-Mac (Intro) by Lsd problem, except here dots has same colors!?
No ugly dots on A500. I can't see much common in code but I did only quick check, no idea if it is actually same problem or not.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
White flash is there, but position is random on real A500. Also random in emulation if you boot without disk in drive and then insert the disk manually (to introduce randomness).

Amiga Expo 92 (Slideshow) by Trygon

Black text on screen (pic.2)?! ... does it happens same on real OCS/ECS?

New Demo by British Swapping Syndicate

KS1.2/1.3 , OCS/ECS 512mb ... at first work slowly with high cpu usage ... but when music starts work faster and cpu usage drops?! Weird?!
Probably does something stupid to slowdown it ("Atari emulation")

I can't see any obvious difference on my desktop (overclocked 4770k), probably need to test it on slower PC...
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