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You may well be right! There's nothing to suggest simultaneous recording and playback in the English version of the Toccata manual (see posts #9 and #10), which I found a little sparse TBH. Additionally, there's this very telling paragraph in the CU Amiga review from April '96:

"Macrosystem are currently working on new software that will feature simultaneous recording and playback through the card, along with 'multiplexing' routines that allow for a number of channels to be output at the same time."

MacroSystem probably never delivered the software promised to achieve simultaneous recording & playback. IIRC the Toccata card was bundled with a special customised version of Samplitude, which wasn't exactly the best and somewhat unintuitive. ]

Anyway, it's hard to determine from the manual and decent sources like the BBOAH / Amiga Hardware Database and magazine reviews whether the Toccata, irrespective of software support, actually had suitable hardware specs (i.e. full duplex) to pull off simultaneous recording & playback. It may well may not have - if the absence of duplexing info. is anything to go by - but at the end of the day the best hardware peripherals from a technical standpoint are only as good as the software supporting them.

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