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Great. "Unfortunately" in this case it uses emulation core to generate all test cases so it can only work correctly if emulation is correct. Which means I had to run the test on real 68000 and if some result is wrong, emulation/tester needed fixes

btw, when all "basic" tests pass, you can increase "difficulty" by setting "feature_sr_mask=0x8000" to enable trace mode tests.

Address error testing is not very useful at the moment because afaik no emulator (except now UAE) does not emulate address (and bus) error undocumented behavior, mainly because no one depends on it, not even any protections for some odd reason.

I guess bus/address error tester really needs "basic" mode which only checks if exception is generated when expected and stack frame fields are almost correct (for example opcode field is not always current opcode) and ignore all partially set registers and CCR.
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